Our Beacons

Introducing the unique SmartBeacon
Using the most reliable components

Degressive price upon quantity
The dev kit
The dev kit
in its packaging

we are sending our SmartBeacons in a new black packaging.



SmartBeacon devices use a CR2477 type Panasonic battery with the following specs :

  • Minimum temperature : -30°
  • Maximum temperature : 60°
  •  Voltage : 3V
  •  Amp : 0.2 mA

In their current setup, the battery will last approximatively 24 month.

To replace the battery, you just need to open the casing and switch the empty batterie by a new one.


  • All SmartBeacons are CE and FCC certified
  • All SmartBeacons are iBeacon compatible and are part of the MFi program
  • You can access you SmartBeacon device using your personal account IDs. Using the SBconfigurator app, you will be able to update the Major and Minor data required to identify our iBeacon compatible devices.
  •  Our SDK allows you to retrieve all data from the iBeacon devices and also the RSSI data for the signal intensity
  •  SmartBeacon devices send a signal up to 50 meters (depending on the environment)
  •  Dimension of the black casing : LxDxH = 50x50x20mm
  • Casing is made of soft silicon
  • 1 ON/OFF button
  • 1 LED indicator while turning on/off

For more information, please contact us.