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ibeacon/SmartBeacon information


SmartBeacon devices use a CR2477 type Panasonic battery with the following specs :

  • Minimum temperature : -30°
  • Maximum temperature : 60°
  •  Voltage : 3V
  •  Amp : 0.2 mA

In their current setup, the battery will last approximatively 24 month.

To replace the battery, you just need to open the casing and switch the empty batterie by a new one.

About SmartBeacon devices

  • SmartBeacon devices are iBeacon compatible and our firmware support the BLE 4.0 standards
  • You can access you SmartBeacon device using your personal account IDs. Using the SBconfigurator app, you will be able to update the Major and Minor data required to identify our iBeacon compatible devices.
  •  Our SDK allows you to retrieve all data from the iBeacon devices and also the RSSI data for the signal intensity
  •  SmartBeacon devices send a signal up to 50 meters (depending on the environment)
  •  Dimension of the color casing : LxDxH = 48x15x85mm
  •  Dimension of the black casing : LxDxH = 50x50x25mm
  • All SmartBeacons are CE and FCC certified
  • All SmartBeacons are iBeacon compatible and are part of the MFi program

For more information, please contact us.

Frequent questions

What is the autonomy iBeacon tags?

Our iBeacons have an autonomy from one to two years . During the term of your subscription we do the replacement of all defective SmartBeacons

What is the range of the iBeacon?

The iBeacon can detect a smartphone from a radius of 50 meters around the Smart beacon.

What are compatible smartphones ?

The iBeacon compatible smartphones are those with Bluetooth 4 (BLE ) technology, so this includes both Android phones and tablets also iPhone and iPad

When will I receive my order?

Once your order is completed and your payment confirmed, we will send you the SmartBeacons to the address indicated in the order . Your access to our platform will be activated at the same time as receiving iBeacons .

Can I choose the colors ?

Due the huge demand for SmartBeacons , the choice of color is only possible for formulas “Optimum” and “Premium” .

Another question?

Do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will be happy to assist you.