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SmartBeacon just landed in United Kingdom!

” Hello, mister Yakimoto, delighted to see you again at Gap. Are you satisfied with this docker? ” Asks an hologram to Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

This mythical scene of Steven Spielberg’s famous movie is going to be a part of our everyday life in 2014 thanks to SmartBeacon!

SmartBeacon, iBeacon ..what’s these ?

iBeacon is a geo-localization system  of precision (microlocalizationtion) launched by Apple with iOS 7 last autumn, only three months ago!

While it is impossible for a smartphone to geolocate you inside a shopping mall, a supermarket or a shop, a ibeacon can here communicate, exchange datas, with a recent smartphone via Bluetooth “low energy” ( BLE ) in a 30-50 meter shelf, with a precision of the reaching the centimeter!

For example, you wish to invite the visitors of the shopping mall or you have your shop offering a discount on a product in particular, nothing more simple: the visitors will receive a notification just passing in front of your entrance !

Have a look to the video here:  SmartBeacon France

SmartBeacon is a start-up which proposes you a  full service, from A to Z,  from  the delivery of Smartbeacons, to the management of these Smartbeacons via a Web platform.
While piloting the statistics and the information feedbacks of your Smartbeacons.

For more information: or 33 1 84 16 35 30

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