SmartBeacon SDK for iOS available on GitHub

Finally !

Our SDK for iOS is available on GitHub :

We have simplified the use of Apple’s iBeacon set of tools, making it easy for developer to communicated with our iBeacon compatible devices.

Check out the page on GitHub and let us know what you think.

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iBeacon vs NFC

In this post, the Smartbeacon team is going to enlighten you with the technologies in presence on the market of the geo-localization, or rather microlocation(microlocalization)!
We are going to define you iBeacon and NFC before comparing these two new technologies.

IBeacon, what is it?


IBeacon is a system of indoor positioning which Apple declares as a new category of energy and low-cost energy-saving transmitters which can notify of their presence peripherals iOS 7 close relations.
IBeacon can be also used by Android. IBeacon is a technology which allows a smart device to send a push notification to another nearby.

NFC, what it is?


The communication in close field ( Near Field Communication, NFC) is a technology of communication short-range and high-frequency wireless telegraphy, allowing the information exchange between smart devices until a distance about 10 cms.


These two technologies are based on the exchange of datas towards a smartphone.
The major advantage of the technology IBeacon is its emission scope. It can reach( 50-70 meters, where the NFC requires some centimeters of distance between the smart device and the transmitter/receiver).

Other major advantage of IBeacon in front of NFC is that there are many more Bluetooth 4.0 compatibles smartphones Bluetooth 4.0 compared with the NFC.

It seems then as an obvious fact that the iBeacon technology is literally going to dismiss to the cloakroom the NFC technology.
Apple chose its camp, neither the iPhone 5c, nor the iPhone 5s integrates the NFC. Apple has never worn this technology in its heart, looking rather for a way to by-pass it. Apple could have reached the point there !

254 American shops have from now on sensors, whose number varies according to the size of Apple store : the Apple store of the 5th avenue, in New York, counts about twenty. Apple did not specify if this system would be deployed in the rest of the world.

Smartbeacon is a start-up which proposes you a large offer, from A to Z, of the delivery of beacons bluetooth Smartbeacons in the management of these beacons via a Web platform.
While piloting the statistics and the information feedbacks of your beacons bluetooth SmartBeacons.

For more information: or 33 1 84 16 35 30

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Ideas with your SmartBeacons

iBeacon is a system of geo-localization of inside of precision (microlocalization) launched  by Apple with iOS 7 this autumn.

With the iBeacon technology, mix of bluetooth 4.0 and of geolocalization, it’s up to you to invent the life that goes with it!

To lead you to discover this new technology, we propose you in this comment of the blog SmartBeacon a sample of the potential of the beacons SmartBeacons which we offer you.


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SmartBeacon just landed in United Kingdom!

” Hello, mister Yakimoto, delighted to see you again at Gap. Are you satisfied with this docker? ” Asks an hologram to Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

This mythical scene of Steven Spielberg’s famous movie is going to be a part of our everyday life in 2014 thanks to SmartBeacon!

SmartBeacon, iBeacon ..what’s these ?

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