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Ideas with your SmartBeacons

iBeacon is a system of geo-localization of inside of precision (microlocalization) launched  by Apple with iOS 7 this autumn.

With the iBeacon technology, mix of bluetooth 4.0 and of geolocalization, it’s up to you to invent the life that goes with it!

To lead you to discover this new technology, we propose you in this comment of the blog SmartBeacon a sample of the potential of the beacons SmartBeacons which we offer you.


Let us SmartBeacons in the retail trade business:
You wish to invite the visitors of the shopping mall or you have your shop to take advantage of a reduction on a product in particular, nothing more simple: the visitors will receive a notification in passing in front of your entrance !

Let us SmartBeacons in parking lots:
You can pay from now on the toll of entrance and exit of the parking lot without stopping.
You also can be guided towards a free square or even find your car after your shopping.
Quite naturally thanks to the iBeacon technology and our Smartbeacons placed outdoor in the parking lot.

SmartBeacons at home:
With a Smartbeacon on your refrigerator, you can open instantly your shoppinglist  on your smartphone and so prepare it before leaving.
You can easily find your keys.
Know during a journey if your suitcase is nearby, receive a notification when your suitcase approaches you on the conveyer belt of the airport.

SmartBeacons at hospital:
Imagine a doctor who can have access to all the medical record of a patient simply by approaching his room, it’s magic, it’s SmartBeacon!


In this blog, we shall return regularly on diverse applications of beacons bluetooth low energy thus stay tuned!


SmartBeacon is a start-up which proposes you a full service, from A to Z, from the delivery of SmartBeacons to the management of these beacons via a Web platform.
While piloting statistics and the information feedbacks of your SmartBeacons.


For more information: or 33 1 84 16 35 30

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