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A quick video giving you an idea of what can be done with this new technology

SmartBeacon sensors
4th generation Bluetooth Low Energy

From anywhere, guide your customers and provide them with the most relevant information.


Because every customer is unique, adapt your communication based on his behavior, localization and buying habits.


From our web-based platform, manage you messages and notifications : promo, videos, music, etc.

What are we talking about ?
What is it ?

A SmartBeacon (generically called Bluetooth Low Energy beacon) is a proximity beacon that send a signal using bluetooth technology. When a smartphone or tablet is in the beacon’s range, it triggers a notification on the device.

Depending on the distance of the device, different type of notification can be sent (up to 50 meters !).

How does it work ?

Order your SmartBeacons and get your access to our web based platform.

Place the beacons in strategic locations.

From the platform, setup the notifications you want. It will be active in a second.

For who ?

You can use our SmartBeacons in places like :
– parking
– museum
– stadium / concert hall
– exhibition
– office
– shops (indoor and outdoor)

SmartBeacon casing
SmartBeacon casing
That's how it looks like

We work hard to provide you the best possible experience using SmartBeacons.

We currently have 1 unique casing made of soft silicon.

Check out the detailed page or order directly.

Interested in seeing how SmartBeacon can change your business ?
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